Our Mission

Sonbranch Music exists to introduce people to Jesus Christ who do not know Him, and to help believers go deeper with God, through beautiful, authentic and inspiring music. In doing so, we desire to help talented Christian artists share their musical gifts with the world.  

Eric Sohlgren, founder of Sonbranch Music, has had a passion for music since an early age. Raised by a musical mother and electronic engineer father, he took up the clarinet in elementary school and alto sax in junior high, going on to perform in symphonic, jazz and rock ensembles through college. He toured with a seven-piece jazz rock group before pursuing other careers, which left his musical gifts dormant for many years.


Many years later Eric was asked play the sax solo on a worship song during a church service. After struggling to relearn the sax, he was invited to join the worship team and since then has played saxophones, clarinet and whistles at contemporary and traditional church services and conferences. Since worship music is rarely arranged for woodwinds, Eric composed parts to play. He then began writing worship music as an offering to God during difficult times in his life, finding solace and comfort in prayers set to music. He continued to write as he was inspired by scripture and his life’s journey.

Now a producer, engineer, composer and talented musician, Eric's artistic vision has been to bridge traditional and contemporary styles of worship music with diverse instrumentation, rich arrangements, and spiritually engaging words to draw people closer to God. He loves collaborating with other gifted musicians who have a heart for authentic worship music, and helping them share their God-given talents with the world.

In 2021, Eric was ordained as a pastor. He serves at The Gate Christian Bible Church in Mission Viejo, California on the worship team and as Executive Pastor. 

David DeRaita, Eric & Fletch the Studio Dog



Eric loves taking early morning walks with his dog Fletch, an energetic Border Collie mix, who loves to hang out in the studio when music is being created.