Sweet Merciful Grace

"David, thank you for your inspirational CD.  The music and song lyrics are beautiful.  You are truly gifted and using your God given talents to give hope to many.  Your song You Belong to Me has brought comfort to me this week after the loss in my family."  Lucy B. 

"I spent the afternoon today listening over and over to Sweet Merciful Grace.  I just wanted to say it was so inspiring to me and I love it.  Favorite songs: Sweet Merciful Grace and One More Soul.  The piano instrumental was so soothing.  All the songs are good mind you, and others will become as meaningful to me as life moves forward.  Thank you."  Chris M. 

"I received the CD yesterday and listened to it front to back 3 times so far.  Both of you did a wonderful job as it sounds really good.  You should be very proud and I know you worked your tails off getting this done."  Jake H.

"I want to share with you how special it is to listen to your voice worshiping God on my drive to work.  I really enjoy the song, Sweet Merciful Grace.  Thanks for sharing your album."  Alex M. 

"Thank you so much for Sweet Merciful Grace.  It's amazing!  You should be very proud of your accomplishment."  Joanne F. 


The Greatest Gift

"I just wanted to let you know how beautiful The Greatest Gift song is. I have already listened to it twice. Her voice is so pure and the words so descriptive of our wonderful God. The quality of your music is outstanding. Well done!"  Sandra

"I’ve been listening to The Greatest Gift over and over again in the car. The Greatest Gift is so beautiful! The female vocalist has the sweetest, most soothing voice."  Diane

"What a great song and beautiful lyrics. I was inspired. Thank you for all your efforts with Sonbranch Music. Very enjoyable and uplifting."  Dave

"Thank you so much for sending the words to The Greatest Gift. They are beautiful. This song really touched me this morning and I still remember it now. It was the center of my  personal worship during the wonderful service this morning. Thank you so much for sharing this song with us."  Betty


"As I listened to Restored, waves of peace and spiritual refreshment washed over me, reviving my soul in Christ. The words and music are anointed. Thank you and please add me to your endorsers!"  The Rev. Canon J. Philip Ashey

“The music of Restored touches in a unique and powerful way the hearts of those who are struggling, sorrowful or suffering. Born out of the composer's own times of hardship, this worship music brings God's presence and His peace in a real and authentic way. It calms the soul and brings rest to the mind. Listening to Restored is entering into the ‘restoring’ presence of Christ."  Rev. Cathie Young
"I have found Restored to be an amazing aid in my daily prayer and meditation. I sometimes listen to it in times of stress and it brings me the presence of God in peace. I highly recommend it to all my friends."  Fr. Jose Poch

"Restored is a part of my life every day. I love having the music in my car. And at home. God has used the music in so many ways. It is a huge part of my recovery journey! May it touch others as deeply as it has me. Let it be!"  Penny

"Your music is so healing it must be shared."  Pam

"Music from heaven! I LOVE your CD of prayer."  Marney

"I have been listening to the Restored CD over and over again. And again."  Pastor Kevin

"Thank you for the beautiful CD. I can't think of a better gift to someone who is hurting than the peace and comfort and assurance that comes through with the words and spirit filled music."  Joan

"The Restored CD is marvelous. The music is moving, significant, meaningful, beautiful."  Fr. Ken Greenlee

"Restored is clean, like the freshest water, satisfying to the thirsty soul. It is nothing less than symphonic overall."  Ron

"Just listened to Restored again, and just wanted you to know how impressed I am. That you can write and compose such moving music is beyond my imagination. My favorites are Come, My Light and Redeemer God. But all 10 are so very moving and beautiful. I know that many people will be blessed and comforted by your music. Don't ever give up writing and composing."  Elize

"I love Restored! What I heard is a magnificent and creative work! God obviously was leading . . .the voices, the music . . .  everything!!"  Marta

"We have listened to Restored every day since we received it. We are overawed at your remarkable achievement. Your arrangement of Lost and Found is inspiring and the musical accompaniment, both vocal and instrumental is soft, gentle and soothing. My compliments to Marsha Skidmore, whose beautiful voice gave life to the words. Bob Somma’s performance on guitar is magical, while in the background Eric Sohlgren on the D Whistle blended beautifully to make the whole performance a spiritual experience! Well done to all concerned."  Henry K.

"Restored is stunning, just outstanding. Loved every bit of it. Great job. I just laid back in my home office chair and closed my eyes through the whole CD. Beautiful." Philip

"Thank you for Restored. It has been a part of my day since it arrived. A comfort and a part of my healing since . . . went to be with Jesus."  Penelope


"Submitted is beautiful, encouraging and restorative." Deb

"Art for Jesus. Love it!" Dan W. (music teacher and youth leader)

"The music is poignant and beautiful." Cynthia

"Submitted is a collection of fine worship songs performed by a collection of fine artists. The songs are produced with outstanding clarity and sung with passion. The CD is reflective, meditative, with a deep reverence centered upon the Lordship of Jesus Christ. There are outstanding vocal performances here. My favorite tracks are 'Before Your Cross,' 'Submitted,' 'Your Word,' and 'Bless the Lord (With All My Soul)' but you'll find the whole project to be very inspiring, heartfelt, and worshipful." PKF (worship leader and recording artist)

"Worship that takes you into God's presence. My favorite and most listened-to CD for personal worship. And as an Anglican minister, I find this worship CD to be so helpful in bringing a group to a place of quiet corporate worship before a teaching or prayer time. When this music is playing as people enter the church, there is an immediate sense of quieting down and being drawn into God's presence." C.P. Young (pastor)

"I can highly recommend Submitted’s worship music as anointed to bring healing of the soul, emotions and relationships, in our experience." Fr. Chris (priest)

"CCM meets the traditions of the historical Church . . . all I can say is, 'its about time.'  Very uplifting without causing one to think you have to scream, twist and shout, or do the Holy Ghost shakedown in order to experience God. He is right here. Already. And the theology is rich and not dumbed down. In short it lifts up the Jesus Christ of the Bible and early Church. Love it." Richard E.

"I am so moved by this work and am hoping there will be more. I continue to encourage others to purchase this awesome work. The title is perfect and the experience when listening is so holy and inspiring. It is pure worship and truly ushers one into God's presence." Pam

"I just want to thank you very much for shipping your CD Submitted to us. The music is really blessing us at this time. I think it’s going to bring us a lot of healing. It’s music with so much potential, a kind of new music really that we are thankful to God for, the genuineness of the singing and the lyrics, the submission in the worship. There are so many good things about this music that makes it strikingly different from a previous generation of modern Christian music." Chris

"We were absolutely and totally blessed out of our socks. We were blown away by Submitted. We love it, and I’m just absolutely sure that God is going to use it in mighty ways for decades to come. It will be part of the music of the church. What a blessing to be part of that even from our bleacher’s seat." Ron

"I keep listening to Submitted every chance I get and each time I do I’m loving it more. Submitted is a remarkable project that points me directly into the presence of the Lord. Thank you for this labor of love; an amazing gift to our Abba." Ed (pastor)

"There are no words really to express how awed I am. It is amazing to me that you can 'hear' this music in your head and heart. The words to the songs are glorious, the melodies moving, tender and compelling, the artists perfectly matched with each song." Elize

"Usually when I listen to music, I find something to do around the house while the music plays. When I played Submitted I followed my usual procedure. However I was quickly enthralled with the beauty of the music, and the high standards of the performers. I sat enraptured until the CD ended. Then I noticed the dedication on the last song and I almost wept. Congratulations."  Myles

"Thank you for the CD -- it is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to share it with others. Blessings!"  Marsha

"Submitted is a great album and God inspired. Love it!"  Bud

"Submitted is AWESOME."  Daniel (attorney)

"Everyone -- this CD is a must listen! The music and lyrics are very deep spiritually with a very rich instrumentation and vocalists of the highest caliber. I hope everyone will purchase this CD and share with others. It will lead you to a very blessed encounter with our living Lord!"  Patricia

"Just listened to your CD 'Submitted.' It is BEAUTIFUL!! Praise God for giving you such lovely music and wonderful spiritual letters to Him! The instruments and vocals are super! Have I used up all my superlatives yet?!"  Colleen and Joe

"Great CD. The CD is so powerful. Just love 'Submitted.' Absolutely beautiful and anointed."  Christie

"I have been listening to the CD, it is absolutely fabulous! It is so anointed. I am so excited what God will do through this ministry of music that God has gifted you with."  Connie (worship leader)

"I wanted to let you know as I listened to the CD I was amazed at how awesome the lyrics are, the music and instruments are beautiful. It is very different from the Christian music I listen to, in that it is so beautiful instrumentally with so many different sounds and influences on the different songs. It is like a symphony. I am now listening to it for the third time in a row (which shows how much I am enjoying it). The melodies caused me to want to hum along on many of the songs even though I don't know the words yet. It is very apparent to me that a worshipper wrote the lyrics inspired by someone who walks with the Lord, and has gone through times of testing and has a heart for the Lord and what he wants and says to us as his people. This CD as I listen to it, brings a quietness and a soothing to me. Praise his Name."  Sandy

"I just finished my first listen-through of the Submitted CD -- what a blessing! I just love the way everything came together. Thank you for your courage, dedication and all the hard work you have put into this project. It is truly going to bless God's people and have an impact for His kingdom! It is going to be exciting to watch what the Lord does with this beautiful work of art and sound, which is so full of hope and truth."  Gregg (Christian musician)