Sonbranch Music Releases Restored, Delivering Music of Healing and Comfort to Those Who Are Hurting

Sonbranch Music is pleased to announce the worldwide digital release of Restored on Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, and other fine digital retailers. The ten songs of Restored are a contemplative journey of prayer and invitation for God's presence, a cry from the heart for healing and wholeness, the reassurance of God's love, and a bold proclamation to live life for Christ no matter what.  
Composer and executive producer Eric Sohlgren wrote the songs of Restored during many years of personal struggle. At times, his despair and exhaustion seemed unbearable, so he turned to writing out his prayers as music, crying out to God for healing and connection. In the process, God strengthened his faith, assured him of His love, and changed his heart for the hurting and lost. 
Produced by acclaimed Christian music producer John Andrew Schreiner, Restored features the vocal gifts of seven recording artists and worship leaders who have a heart for sharing the grace of God and love of Christ through music. The album artwork from an original oil painting by Suzanne DeCuir expresses the moods of the songs through colors and textures. 
Restored has touched those who are experiencing suffering. When the album debuted at a community conference for cancer awareness, many of the cancer survivors and sufferers attending said the music was beautiful and comforting, something they deeply needed in their lives. The music also has been featured at gatherings for healing prayer. 

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